The Author/Student Interaction Project Has Begun!! A Brief Description of How it Works:

  • Click the ‘Contact’ tab above (or here) and let me know that you are interested.
  • I will donate a few books to your literary classes.
  • Books will be read to your students or have them do it as a read-along project.
  • After the kids have read the book have them write down questions for me.
  • They can also gain experience at writing reviews. All student reviews will be added to my website review page.
  • I have no fee for my visits, however  I do request you ask the kids if they would like an autographed copy of my book for $9.00. This will be the only cost.
  • All visits to schools will take place on Fridays, at which time I will bring the books that have been ordered and some spares for late orders.
  • Activities include:
    • Introduction of myself
    • Question and answer session regarding my book or personal life.
    • Basic compass demonstration (If you can provide a projector for all the kids to follow easily on the wall.
    • Awarding genuine Nick and Billy compasses to students that can answer story related questions correctly.
    • A reading from whatever book I am currently working on, followed by me asking the students for their opinions and input. This will earn them an acknowledgement of appreciation from me on the published version of that story.
    • Autograph session for students that have purchased a book.
  • The videos below were recorded at Crispell Middle School, Pine Bush, NY, and Delaware Valley Middle School, Milford, PA.

All Events at book stores this year will be put on hold, unless a portion of your profits from my sells will go to cancer research or to St. Judes Children Research Center. If interested please contact me by clicking the “Contact” tab on this site.


Openings are now available for the 2018-2019 school year!

Dates Undetermined at Present

Delaware Valley Middle School
Milford, PA 18337
Crispell Middle School
Pine Bush, NY 12566


Friday, June 15, 2018

Delaware Valley Middle School
Milford, PA 18337

The students and teachers at this school were awesome! It’s amazing to me how many different story ideas can come from talking to the kids that like to read your book. One special part of this day was me sharing, for the first time ever, Chapter 1 from my next book, The Adventures of Nick and Billy: The Mystery of Hidden Lake, with the kids. I even enlisted their help in coming up with a word that has baffled me. There was know shortage of ideas given to me! I will choose one of the phrases and add it to the first sentence of this story, which will earn the entire 6th grade of DVMS a big thank you on the acknowledgments page of the book!

We were overwelmed, once again by the art work that  greated us as we walked into the cafeteria where the meeting was to take place. Below, you will see the drawings the kids did in honor of NIck and Billy!


Thank you everyone for your hospitality and great involvement! Can’t wait for next year!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Crispell Middle School
Pine Bush, NY 12566

The students and teachers at Crispell Middle School were great! The teachers really did a fantastic job planning our day together and the kids all had questions at the ready!
I must say that my wife, Kathy, and I were very touched by the gift we received as we left: A large stack of art work the kids did as they read about Nick and Billy. Look closely at the detail, and each page you see is actually a book of drawings the kids made!!! It’s GREAT!!!!!
Student Drawings
Another great thing they did for me was to give me 33 reviews done by the kids. I think these reviews are the greatest I have ever received. Perhaps the biggest plus to a 6th grader giving a review is the fact that they are honest and see things different from an adult. I learned much and truly believe that this will only improve my writing skills. Thanks kids!!!



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In closing, I just want to say these kids touched me deeply. Man, I love my job!

American Cancer Society’s – Relay For Life, Pine Bush, NY., Saturday, June 2, 2018

Team Fist Bump will join hands with the American Cancer Society by taking part in this wonderful event. We can really use your help in this. To join our team click here and then choose “Join Our Team”! Take two minutes to create your Relay For Life profile page…that’s it! You can set a personal goal of $100 and if you achieve it then you will receive a free Relay For Life t-shirt! If interested in becoming a corporate sponsor please send me a message by clicking here.

On the day of the event, Team Fist Bump will have a booth set up where autographed books will be sold by Michael HoardWilliam Lobb, and Christina Cameron. All profits from book sells will go to the American Cancer Society! Below you will find a little information about each author:

My name is Michael Hoard and I grew up in the swamps of southern Louisiana. As a boy I loved adventure books, especially The Adventures of Tom Sawyer! After learning, quite by accident, that people enjoyed my short story, A Forsaken Soul, I wrote The Adventures of Nick and BillyThis story is very near and dear to me, seeing as how it takes place in the same swamps I explored as a boy. This wholesome story centers around friendship but, includes villains and survival in this dangerous environment. It’s a fast paced, harrowing adventure-thriller that you will find yourself drawn into.






I am William Lobb, a landlocked pirate, trying to survive 21st century mediocrity. My book, The Third Step, is a deep, difficult story about a man and his journey to find faith and freedom from his inner demons…





Hi there, my name is Christina Cameron, I have been living in San Diego now since 95′ and love it. My first love is New York where I grew up in a small town surrounded by trees a running stream and beautiful nature. House of Charms series is a perfect read for your young fantasy readers. A magical journey to bring back a woodland Faerie Heritage awaits. Please Note that Pixie’s Dust may be the only book available at this event.







Jason Armstrong (#25J), has been involved in racing for over 15 years. It all began in Tampa, FL, where Jason was a crew member on a Championship Winning Sprint Car Team. After relocating back to NY, Jason drove in a few Enduro races at Orange County Fair Speedway. He then became a crew member and driver for the Kolka Motorsports Team. In 2018, his journey will continue in racing the #25J at Orange County Fair Speedway and Bethal Motor Speedway, with other tracks along the way. For any fans looking for a good car and driver to support keep your eye out for the MLK Home Maintenance, The Horse and Sulky Pub & Grill, T&T Contracting, Goodrich Construction #25J on a track near you!
WHY I RELAY: To help support people with cancer and the long haul that’s in front of them. My girlfriend is a cancer survivor as well.
car w

I am told that they hope to have a representative from every team on the track at all time during this event. The event will begin at noon and end with the Closing Ceremony taking place around 10:30 PM.








 Surprise invitation to speak to my nephew’s class in Louisiana! Great Kids, Great School! It was a pleasure to donate a copy to your school library!!



Oncology Nurses Association  of Orange and Sullivan Counties – Bake Sale and Author Event, Orange Regional Medical Center, Middletown, NY, Wednesday, March 14, 2018, 11AM – 2PM

October 28, 2017, 12:00PM – 3:00PM

ANT Bookstore & Cafe
345 Clifton Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07011



ANT Bookstore and Cafe…only once before has a bookstore been this hospitable and kind to me and my wife. And the cafe! O!M!G! I gained 10 pounds trying a smidgen of this and a smidgen of that. Great food & service with a smile! Honestly, the culture shock of walking into a bookstore with no visible books written in English (I did find a good selection of children books and a rack of american titles) combined with all conversation being spoken in the Turkish language was quite a culture shock.  I am so happy to have met these kind souls from Turkey and cant wait to visit this store again in the future!



It was an absolute honor to meet and exchange books with Stephen Clark, whose event was set to begin once mine ended. His credentials alone make me want to read his political thriller, Citizen Kill. Can’t wait to read it…hopefully, as I told you, I will have time within the next year!

October 15, 2017, 1:00PM – 2:30PM

Library Express Book Store
300 Lackawanna Ave
Scranton, PA 18503

Me and Jeff

I would like to thank Jeff of Library Express Bookstore for making me and my wife feel right at home in his beautiful store.



Saturday, September 9, 2017

Montgomery Book Exchange – General Montgomery Day
15 Union St.
Montgomery, NY 12549



My day working (NOT) at Walter’s store, The Montgomery Book Exchange was, once again, a day that planted memories in my mind forever. This store – because of the love and dedication Walter puts into it – is a place that welcomes its guest in an embrace that warms and comforts them immediately. This is a store that both the young and old can visit, get comfortable (or play in the children’s corner for the young), and read or discuss books with one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to literature.

General Montgomery Day was a ton of fun and allowed me to meet great people and firm up the belief in what I am trying to do here…


Feeding and inspiring the imaginations of youngsters like Katie and her baby sister Aubrey…that is what it’s all about!!!!

Saturday, August 26, 12 pm – 2 pm EDT

Barnes and Noble, 1177 Ulster Ave
Kingston, New York, NY 12401



It was a pleasure to meet Matt, an adventure seeker like myself. Enjoy the story, my friend! And, what an honor it was for me to have Paula drive 2 hours with her copies of my book to have signed for herself and her two sons! Thank you, Paula!

Hudson Valley Local Authors
Honored to be sitting beside Christina Cameron and William Lobb, two fine authors!

Saturday, August 12, 12 pm – 4 pm EDT

Barnes and Noble, 2518 South Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601



I have to say, without a doubt, the highlight of my day was getting to know Dakota, Tabitha, and their father (left). Thank you so much for making my day. I really hope you guys enjoy the book and start hassling me to hurry and release the next in the series! I also enjoyed meeting the miner league team HV Renegades’  mascot, Rascal, and other folks who were interested in my stories. Thank you all for meeting with me!

It was such a surreal moment every time I walked by this banner and poster, proudly being displayed in a large book store like Barnes and Noble!


Barnes and Noble, Poughkeepsie, NY

I shared this Meet The Author Event with 5 other amazing authors. Listed in this group picture, from left to right:

Christina CameronErin ForbesAna BarretoJulia Orlando (B&N Events Coordinator)Kevin ChristoforaMyself, and Russell Paul LaValle.


All in all, not a half bad day!!!