OUR JOURNAL: Lessons, Love, & Fighting This Bastard Called Lung Cancer! Week 9-The New Norm (January 13-22)



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Team Fist Bump (#teamfistbump) is on a mission: These journals are being published, then shared by many in an effort to reach others needing help in understanding the obstacles suddenly thrust upon them by the diagnosis of cancer. Join our team today by sharing this journal, saying a prayer for Kathy, or giving her an electronic hug or Fist Bump along with an inspirational message in the comments. To read Our Journal’s Previous issues just click the issue you would like to see:

Week 1 (Diagnosis)Week 2 (Biopsy)Week 3 (PET Scan)Week 4 (The Oncologist) , Week 5 (Bone Biopsy), Week 6 (Acceptance of Learning The Stage), Week 7 (Immunotherapy)Week 8 (Team Fist Bump is Intensifying)

Pit Entrance
Kathy and I enjoying our first ever Nascar race. Here, we are enjoying the benefits of Pit Passes – right at the entrance to Pit Row.

This Publication of Our Journal-Week 9, marks a change. Because we are now settling into a normal, albeit different lifestyle, we have decided it would be better, and much less boring to the reader, if we start replacing “Week (so and so)” with “Session (so and so)”. This means the publications will now be released every 3 weeks instead of weekly.

So, for this final weekly journal, we will keep it short. Here are a couple of things we want to share:

Saturday, January 13, 2018, Kathy has a slight sore throat. She’s a little warm but temperature doesn’t get to 100°. She never gets worse and is feeling better the next day. So, nothing to worry about.

Throughout the week Kathy goes to work. Her cough persist but does not get worse. The cough suppressant is doing it’s job.

We both fear the side effects might get worse, causing her to be taken off immunotherapy. So far, so good though.

Monday, January 22, 2018, Kathy is working a half day. We will be leaving for a hotel near Memorial Sloan Kettering this afternoon. Kathy’s 2nd Session with immunotherapy will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, January 23, 2018.

I call Kathy at work and catch her at a very emotional moment. She shares with me some new changes she has noticed in her body. The first being that her cough is no longer a little light surface cough but one that is coming from “deeper” in her chest. She also noticed last night that sleeping on her stomach makes it difficult to breath. This is new to her and it is scaring her. We will discuss this with the doctor when we see him tomorrow.

A few hours later, we arrive at the Extended Stay America Hotel. The nightly rate was cut in half when The American Cancer Society contacted them and made our reservation.

We go to a local diner for dinner then return to the hotel where we retire early. Tomorrow will be a busy day…





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